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Our Business Portal

Under construction!

We are currently investing in our business portal by making it even more effective, interactive and appealing for you as exhibitors and visitors.

By September 2021, it will be available to you again in an improved form.

The business portal allows exhibitors and visitors to connect before, during and after the trade show.

Exhibitors profit from the portal already before the trade show by presenting themselves and displaying their solutions and innovations in their profiles.

Visitors get familiar with the show highlights, plan their visit in advance and arrange B2B meetings at the trade show via the matchmaking tool.

How it works for exhibitors

On registering for an exhibition, you may publish your company profile on the portal.

Present your company with a short description, your contact data and your products in your personal login area.

To expand your profile with video links, hyperlinks, etc., simply add your services to your booking in the fairtrade online shop.

The Service Centre is available to you at any time.

Check out your profile now and start your matchmaking!

How it works for visitors

Find the exhibitors and their products even before the fair and prepare your visit in detail.

Or get in touch with an exhibitor after the event who you may have missed while visiting the show.

Filtering by trade fairs or products of your interest makes it easy for you to find relevant exhibitors. Interaction can easily be established via the Messenger function.

Create your own visitor profile. By adding an individual photo and company details, your profile becomes more attractive for exhibitors.

Enter the business portal now and start matchmaking!

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