Testimonials 2015

H.E. Rüdiger John
Ambassador of Germany to Ghana:

The Ghanaian Government has placed the promotion of the domestic production and processing of agricultural commodities high on its agenda. Germany agrees with this policy of supporting local agro and food processing as a main priority of governance. A flourishing agro processing industry creates employment in the formal sector. Processed agricultural food products are of much higher export value than raw agricultural products.

Nobody should underestimate the importance of a sector that is currently accounting for more than 20% of the GDP and 80% of the employment in Ghana. The trade show agrofood & plastprintpack West Africa 2015 is an ideal forum to establish business contacts. It is the perfect venue to share knowledge and experience on the potentials and challenges of the West African and Ghanaian agrofood and plastprintpack sector.

H.E. François Pujolas
Ambassador of France to Ghana:

For Ghana, agrofood products represent 16% of the exports to France. They stand for the 3rd largest exports to France and they were doubled during the first 6 months of this year.

In exchange, the Ghanaian agrofood exports to France represent the 2nd largest sector with 32% of the Ghanaian trade to France.

A large part of these exports are coming from French investments in Ghana, especially from companies like: Golden Exotic, Touton or Grel. These investments prove that the strategy of the French companies is a long run one and are a testimony of the confidence our companies have in Ghana and its agricultural resources.

Thiery von Helden
First Secretary Agriculture, Embassy of the Netherlands to Ghana: 

The Netherlands are a very small country, 8 times smaller than Ghana but it is the 2nd largest exporter of agri-food products in the world (after USA). Ghana has the potential to be a major player in the agrofood sector in West Africa.

As Ghana’s economy has reached lower middle income status, the Netherlands are moving away from a traditional aid relationship towards a regular trade partnership.

The agricultural sector in Ghana offers many opportunities for trade and investment. We focus on strengthening value chains in cocoa, palm oil and horticulture and are exploring poultry and aquaculture as promising sectors. We like to call it “Holland and Ghana Growing together”. All visitors are invited to come to our Holland Pavilion to hear more about the GhanaVeg programme and to meet the Dutch companies present.

Patrick Martens
Delegate, Delegation of the German Industry and Commerce - AHK Ghana:

The 3rd International Trade Fair agrofood & plastprintpack West Africa is an important event not only for the exhibiting companies and the visitors, but also for the West African sub-region as a whole, as agriculture, food and packaging are key industries for the development of West Africa and Sub-Sahara.

The Ghanaian agrofood industry has a huge potential. Unfortunately a strong import lobby, insufficient mechanisation, insufficient know-how in the utilization of agrochemicals and an unsatisfactory transport infrastructure among others are preventing the Ghanaian agrofood sector to fulfill its potential. We are confident that this can be overcome if the right measures are taken and we hope to play our part through this event and further business facilitation and enhancement of bilateral trade between Ghana and Germany in particular.

Mr Sedat Pacali
Turkish Poultry - Member of Board (middle):

Turkish Poultry has been founded in 2011 and since then we are doing business in West Africa. Which is a big market considering the consumption of chicken & hen.

Our products meet helal standards and have high quality with affordable prices. Our target with the participation at the show is to improve our ties with the Ghanaian and West African market.

We have plenty of small and medium-sized buyers at our stand.

Mr Bernd Luellmann
AWILA - Manager International Sales (left):

We are active in Ghana since 1968. It has ever been an agricultural country that can use all of our equipment. The Ghanaian market offers great potential to us, because AWILA develops adequate machinery from smallest farm type to the biggest industrial type.

Our target is to connect to potential buyers of our machinery. So far the interest in our technology was high, especially on the small arm type equipment.

Ms Charlotte Oppong Baah
Ministry of Food & Agriculture MOFA - Assisant Agric Economist & Mr Kado Atsuyuki, Contractor with JICA-Japan International Cooperation Agency

Since 2012, ABU-Agribusiness Unit is a government institution to MOFA to help to facilitate investment into the agricultural sector by acting as an information hub providing match-making activities and growing technical advice to investors. Our support of Ghana and West Africa we take very serious.

We participate at agrofood West Africa 2015 to provide technical information to investors and potential investors interested in the agricultural sector and to equip agribusiness with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Mr Patrick Ablefoni
DoehlerGroup - Area Manager West & Central Africa:

Döhler has been active in West Africa for more than 25 years. West Africa is a fast growing emerging market and together with our customers we will bring ideas to life. All our products are designed individually for each market, in close cooperation with our customers in order to fulfil their needs.

Once again we want to use agrofood West Africa to get in contact with new potential customers in the food and beverage industry. So far we had several fruitful customer contacts which hopefully will end up in new business.

Mr Peter Daniel
Windmöller & Hölscher - Africa Sales Manager (middle):

The German company Windmöller & Hölscher is active in Ghana since 1980. West Africa is developing very fast and the ECOWAS area is characterized by political stability, which is a good base for our business.

Our packaging solutions fit perfectly to the needs of the ECOWAS countries because the rising middle class is expecting high end packaging. All multinational players produce locally and just buy best quality packaging for their goods.

This is already our 3rd participation at plastprintpack West Africa and we expect to generate new contacts and keep our excellent relations to our existing customers.

Mr Fouad Houache
Yomacolor – Director:

The Moroccan company Yomacolor is interested in the West African countries because there is mutual interest in our products and technologies in the field of color and additives as well as master batches and compounds based on PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA, PC, PET and PVC. We and our West African customers benefit from the short transit time of our goods, which are not available in the whole West African market.

All our products are made in conformity with the best international norms. Our prices are competitive and shipments are regularly on a weekly basis, with a short transit time, as already mentioned.

plastprintpack West Africa is the ideal platform to strengthen our presence in the West African countries by making our products better known and making business contacts to develop in the future. We are satisfied with the quality of the visitors at our booth. And we already plan to visit some of the professional prospects afterwards.

Mr Dieter Zuelow
KHS – Head of Technical Operation & Automation:

For KHS, a solution provider for packaging and engineering technology in the manufacturing industry, the Ghanaian and West African market is important because major players in the bottling industry are present here. This affects our business positively as they are our key clients.

Our products and solutions are particularly suitable for this market because we offer turnkey solutions and our machines are first choice in technology and service.

The target of participating at agrofood West Africa is to bridge the gap between our existing customers and us. Further we can increase our marketplace understanding and meet new and potential clients. It is also a great forum to show our innovations in the filling and packaging world.

Mr Raier Yuan
Tianjiao – International Department:

As one of the largest manufacturers for non-dairy creamer in China Tianjiao is active in Ghana since two years. Business in and with Ghana is developing fast, especially the business with companies from China. The Ghanaians like to drink coffee or cocoa drinks, for which our products can be used for.

The speciality of our non-dairy creamer is that it is also dissolving in cold beverages. This perfectly fits to the local drinking habit. So we expect our product to become popular soon in Ghana.

Finding an agent and developing this market together is the main purpose of our participation at agrofood West Africa 2015. We are very satisfied with the quantity and quality of the visitors and we expect to return to Ghana soon.

Mr Francis Olatunji Omoniyi
Bosch Packaging, Sales Director West Africa:

Based in Germany the Bosch Packaging Technology division is one of the leading suppliers of process and packaging technology. At over 30 locations worldwide a highly-qualified workforce develops and produces complete solutions for the food industry. A global service and sales network provides customers with local points of contact.

And of course the fast growing Ghanaian economy is strategically important for us. Our products and solutions perfectly fit to the local demand for packaging of processed agricultural products.

We are here at agrofood West Africa to increase our brand awareness, to develop our business and to increase our partnerships with investors from the agrofood sector.

Mr Keith Dilkes
Polyoak Packaging – Export Sales Manager (left):

Polyoak Packaging is a leading rigid plastic packaging supplier from South Africa. Now we are investigating opportunities also in West Africa.

The plastic packaging products in which we are specialised are perfectly suited for a wide cross section of the West African industries, namely: bottled water, juice, dairy and agricultural products.

The participation at agrofood West Africa is a door opener to establish a customer base in the Ghanaian and West African region. We have reached this target as we made several very positive and promising business contacts during the last two days.